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Intricacy Watches

In these days of instant gratification and “slapping a logo” on a product, we thought it would be good to explain how Intricacy Timepieces are the exact opposite of that.

We really went the extra mile in carefully designing these timepieces to the highest possible standard. We met with countless engineers and designers to make sure the finished product was deserving of our patrons. Months have been spent designing every last detail of the watch. Including having several different molds made until we came upon what we think is an extremely pleasing case design and size. The domed crystal we decided on, really makes the watch come into sight on the wrist. From there, we went to work on the face. Months of back and forth within our design team was necessary to try different concepts on the face. What we came up with really is a nice fit for any occasion. The jumbo numbers are very pleasant to the eye while also throwing our signature shape pattern on the face to give it a nice pop. We think you will love your Intricacy Timepiece.

Team Intricacy