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Tips For Mental Health Support During COVID

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Tips For Mental Health Support During COVID

The unprecedented challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown on all of us can be very over whelming to our mental health. thats why we feel its important to share some steps that we can all do to take care of ourselves.

1. Reach Out For Help- do not ever feel that your alone. You need to reach out to loved ones whenever you are feeling depressed, isolated, or overwhelmed. never keep it inside 

2. Get Fresh Air- Social Distancing doesn't mean you cant go outside. It is very important for our mental health to get fresh air and sunshine 

3. Mental Health Check Ins-Now is the time to pick up meditation, start journaling, or tap into some mindfulness techniques. 

4. Connect- Schedule facetime or regular call sessions with loved ones and friends - Stay connected 

5. Get Off Your Phone- The many things we can do on our phones are very addicting. Intentionally put your phone away and be in the moment

We are a affordable luxury watch brand that was started to drive change in the fight against mental health disorders in children- But it is very important that we take care of ourselves too.